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Brand: French Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 22.00cm
Silver plated candlesticks. Set (2) of two pieces.  With stamps of origin. From period 1860-1890. Dimensions:  10 cm x 10 cm  Height 22 cm ..
Brand: Other Dimensions: 9.50cm x 9.50cm x 22.00cm
Bronze candlestick Dimensions: base diameter 9.5 cm height 22 cm..
Chandelier Hollandaize Εight (8) Lamps Chandelier Hollandaize Εight (8) Lamps
New Pre-Order
Brand: Other Dimensions: 83.00cm x 83.00cm x 52.00cm
Chandelier Style Hollandaize with eight (8) lights E14. Metallic Construction. 83cm Wide.  52cm Height. pre-order 3-5 days. * hats available on request ..
Chandelier Six (6) Lamps Chandelier Six (6) Lamps
New Pre-Order
Brand: Other Dimensions: 68.00cm x 68.00cm x 40.00cm
Chandelier with six (6) lights E14. Glass with decorative crystals. 68cm Wide. pre-order 3-5 days.   Available colors: Transparent, Tinted, Honey..
Chandelier Εight (8) Lamps Chandelier Εight (8) Lamps
Brand: Other Dimensions: 82.00cm x 82.00cm x 75.00cm
Chandelier with eight (8) lights E14.  Glass with decorative crystals. 82cm Wide. 75cm Height. pre-order 3-5 days. Available colors: Oxide, Chrome, Gold ..
Brand: French Dimensions: 21.00cm x 9.00cm x 12.00cm
Clock from wood, for deskFrench, art decoΔιαστάσεις:20εκ χ 9εκύψος 12εκ...
Desk Lamp Green Glass Oxyde Desk Lamp Green Glass Oxyde
Brand: Greek Dimensions: 7.00cm x 27.00cm x 38.00cm
Desk Lamp Oxyde-Bronze. Green Glass with a cord. lamp Ε2738cm. height27cm. wide 7cm. depth..
French Marble Clock French Marble Clock
New Ask Price
Brand: French Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
French Marble Clock with mercury fumes two (2) candlesticks set..
French Sideboard buffet French Sideboard buffet
Ask Price
Brand: French Dimensions: 122.00cm x 51.00cm x 173.00cm
French Sideboard buffet European Walnut ..
Brand: French Dimensions: 10.00cm x 11.00cm x 23.00cm
Μετρονόμος ξύλινοςΓαλλικόςεν λειτουργίαΔιαστάσεις:10εκ*11εκύψος 23εκ...
Brand: Other Dimensions: 41.00cm x 4.00cm x 33.50cm
Painting acrylic on hardboard.  Landscape: River in the forest.  unsigned..
Brand: Other Dimensions: 35.00cm x 4.00cm x 28.00cm
Painting acrylic on hardboard Landscape: slope by the lake  unsigned..
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