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french buffet The George's Antiques shop, traveling with the third generation today, continues to market furniture, antiques and decorative items for every venue.

We renovate, preserve and repair every piece of furniture and decorative objects in which time has left the marks on it. With our many years of experience, we can bring it back and show it again with traditional and modern rehabilitation techniques.

Browse our website and find: 

  • dining rooms and living room tables
  • chairs
  • offices and secretaries
  • Sofas
  • buffet
  • commode
  • mirrors
  • small furniture

and various other old, collectible and decorative items.

In addition, we can offer you any item you wish for photography, for television and theatrical productions but also for any other social event, such as weddings, christenings, inaugurations, etc.

The items that you can buy through our e-shop are delivered by careful packaging. We work with major transport companies as well as with any other travel agency you want.

Shipping is done nationwide and worldwide. Ask us for more information.

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